Koiri Make 10 KVA 1:1 Phase On-Line UPS
Koiri Make 10 KVA 1:1 Phase On-Line UPS

Model Number: DM10E1611

UPS System On Line UPS

Price: 74340
You Save: 50032

At KOIRI, we stand at the forefront of innovative power solutions, committed to powering a connected world with unwavering reliability and cutting-edge technology. In an era where uninterrupted power is paramount, KOIRI takes pride in introducing its Isolation Transformer-Based UPS

  • Features
  • Online/Double Conversion

    Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)

    Surge Protection

    Generator Compatibility

    Inbuilt Isolation Transformer

    Pure Sine Wave Output

    LCD/LED Display

    Audible Alarms

    Overload Protection

    Hot-Standby Feature (1+1)

  • Applications
  • Data Centers

    Industrial Processes

    Commercial Buildings

    Oil and Gas Industry


    Educational Institutions

    Government Facilities

    Server Rooms

    Security Systems