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What is Oracle D2K?

What is Oracle D2K?

Oracle D2K is the Oracle Developer Suite, which mainly consists of Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports. The 2k is the short from of 2000 and Oracle d2k is Oracle Developer 2000.

Oracle D2K consists of developing Forms & Reports using its Developer Suite and this is been taken over with advanced technologies which include Java Programming as the primary skillset.

Oracle D2k or developer2000 is a g.u.i – graphical user interface, which is based oracle front-end tool.

Oracle D2k it is a tool used by Desktop applications. It can be divided as oracle Reports and Oracle Forms. The applications are developed very fast using d2k tool. It is the front end in oracle develop forms and backend database oracle.

Oracle forms are the user interfaces which are developed to present the data to the user. The data can be presented once and retrieved from the Oracle database.

Oracle Report is a tool by Oracle Fusion Middle-ware, which is used to generate reports based on the data stored in the Oracle database. It consists of Oracle Reports Developer, a report designing tool and Oracle Application Server Reports Services.

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