Koiri 15 KVA 1 Phase Copper Wound Servo Voltage Stabilizer (160-260V)- Oil Cooled
Koiri 15 KVA 1 Phase Copper Wound Servo Voltage Stabilizer (160-260V)- Oil Cooled

Model Number: PS15K160-260OL

Power Conditioning Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Price: 65018
You Save: 51684

Item Discription

A servo voltage stabilizer is an electronic device designed to regulate and maintain a consistent output voltage to protect electrical equipment from voltage fluctuations. It employs a servo motor to continuously monitor the input voltage and make real-time adjustments to ensure a stable and predetermined output voltage. This helps safeguard sensitive devices and machinery from potential damage caused by overvoltage or undervoltage, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Servo voltage stabilizers find applications in various industries to enhance the reliability and efficiency of electrical systems.


  • Mines & Cement Plants
  • Flour Mills & Rice Mills
  • Hsopitals & Clinics, Tea & Coffee Estates, Warehouses, High Rise Buildings, Leather & Footwear, Vineyards & Poultry Farms, Showrooms, Schools & Colleges, Offices & Residences, Shopping Malls and other
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Food Processing units and Breweries & Beverages
  • Pharmaceutical Industry, Rolling Mills, Paper Mills, Cold Storages, Oil Plants, Rubber Industries, Textile Mills, Plastic Moulding , Sponge Iron Units and all kind of manufacturing Process Plants